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Hallel Choir

The choir was founded in late 2000 as the community choir of the Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem. It is the only choir in Israel that focuses on the performance of Jewish music in its widest context. The repertoire includes music by a broad spectrum of Israeli and Jewish composers – secular and religious, artistic compositions, and choral arrangements of Hebrew as well as Ladino and Yiddish songs.

The Hallel choir provides an opportunity for some 35 singers (mixed) to sing together in a friendly atmosphere. Some of them have gained experience in choral singing over many years and are professional musicians, while others experience choral singing for the first time in their lives. Hazanut, Rabbanut and Education students of the Hebrew Union College participate regularly in the choir's activities, and it also attracts students from other institutions. In recent years it has earned much praise from audiences.

Conductor: Dr Jay Shir

Piano accompanist: Anastasia Sobolov