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HaGalil Ha-Elion Choir

The Galil Ha-Elion (Upper Galilee) Choir was founded in 1978 by Maestro Stanley Sperber, and since then has worked under the baton of Aharon Harlap, Veronica Blumers-Bell and Amir Bernhard. It comprises some 50 singers from the communities of the Hula Valley, Upper Galilee, and the Golan Heights, and operates under the auspices of the Department of Culture and the Regional Council of Upper Galilee.

Its repertoire includes modern and classical music, Israeli and other folk songs, but focuses on music of the Baroque and Renaissance periods, with the emphasis on liturgical works.

Conductor since 1985: Ron Zarhi

Administrator: Amotz Or, Kibbutz Dafna, 12235.

Tel: 04-6945038, 052-3891999

Fax: 04-694526

e-mail: or@dafna.org.il
Website: http://www.galil-elion.org.il/sitefiles/1/1876/13566.asp