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The Kolot Hassadeh Choir


The Voices of the Fields Choir

The choir was founded by Anat Aharoni in 2004 at Kibbutz Harduf.

The choir is a meeting place for people searching for a special musical quality, with a deep commitment to shared creativity. It is also fertile ground for personal development of all the members.

The repertoire of the choir, which sings a-cappella, focuses especially on music of the 20th and 21st century. The choir also sings Renaissance music, Israeli songs and folksongs.

In its performances, the choir sometimes integrates elements of movement, speech and rhythm.

The choir has appeared on the foremost stages in Israel: the St John church, the Kreiger Hall, the Hecht Auditorium and the Tikotin Museum in Haifa, the Jerusalem Khan, the Augusta Victoria Church, the Scottish Church, the Felicja Blumenthal Center in Tel Aviv, etc.

In recent years, the choir has also appeared with three programs: "Love Songs in Nature", "Prayer" and "Song of the Earth". The choir is working on its next program, with a repertoire of pieces dedicated to the subject of "Peace".

Contact: kolothasade@gmail.com

Choir website: http://kolot1.wordpress.com/

Conductress: Anat Aharoni
The ensemble rehearses every Monday at 20:00 at Kibbutz Harduf