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The New Israeli Vocal Ensemble

Founded in 1993 by its Music Director Yuval Benozer, The New Israeli Vocal Ensemble has established itself as the leading choral group in Israel in a very short time.
The Ensemble is made up of professional singers and it has appeared in the most prestigious concert halls and festivals in Israel, Europe and the Far East, winning the acclaim of audiences, critics and professional musicians alike.

The ensemble's repertoire covers a broad range from medieval to modern and avant-garde music, and it also includes sound tracks for films.

NIVE frequently joins forces with other music groups for the performance of operas and oratorios and other large-scale pieces. Thus, it frequently appears with Israel's leading orchestras like the Philharmonic and the Israel Camerata Jerusalem and it has worked with world-renowned choir conductors including Frieder Bernius, John Poole, Andrew Parrot, Hermann Max and others.
NIVE has performed three premieres at the Israel Festival in Jerusalem and won first prizes in international competitions for choirs in Malta (1998), in Tolosa, Spain (2000) and in Belgium (2001). It has also participated in festivals in Germany, France and Luxemburg, Korea, Sardinia, Normandy and Ljubljana.

NIVE is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Music Director and Conductor: Yuval Ben Ozer

Director: Tali Chitaiad

Singers Coordinator: Era Givony

Website: www.nive.co.il
Contact: 074-701-2112, ensemble@orange.net.il