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The Oriah-Savyon Choir

The Oriah Choir is a mixed voice amateur choir numbering some 60 members, and has existed in its present form for about 24 years.

Subsidized by the Savyon Municipal Council, the choir previously sang under the direction of Yael Wagner-Avital, Zvia (Tsivi) Sharett, Rami Barber, Ira Kalechman and Yishai Shtekler.
In 2008 Zoli Frank took over as Conductor.
Pianist-Accompanist: Tania Gluzman.

The Choir has performed at various venues throughout Israel and on tour in France, Germany, Italy and Romania.

The repertoire is varied, and includes classical and liturgical works as well as folk songs and original Israeli choral works.

Rehearsals (lasting about 3 hours) are held on Monday evenings at the Yad L'Banim Library in Savyon.


   choir's website: http://oria-savyon.fav.co.il/