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The Shirat HaEmek Choir

The Shirat HaEmek Choir

A year ago the Givat Ella choir, which was founded by Idit Tzin in 1988 at Givat Ella, and the Tzippori Choir, founded by Anat Aharoni in the Tzippori community, were united. The combined choir, named Shirat HaEmek, has given rise to new and wider choral horizons.

The choir has appeared in festivals in Israel and overseas, and has been widely acclaimed by its listeners.

The conductor of the choir over the past 3 years is Anat Aharoni.

The choir repertoire is varied: classical music, folksongs and Israeli songs from all periods.

It consists of 37 members from the area covering Givat Ella, Tzippori, Bet Lechem Haglilit, Tivon, Harduf, Merchavia, Mizra, Sarid, Nahalal, Kfar Tavor, Bet Keshet.