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The Moran choir – Bet Itzhak


The Moran choir was established in 1986 at the Bet Itzhak Moshav in Emek Hefer, by Naomi Faran, the conductor and musical director of the choir.

During its years of activity, the choir has attained enormous musical and educational achievements, including professional recognition and gold medals at various international festivals, appearances with the leading composers and orchestras in Israel, performances of original compositions that were written especially for the choir; and development, both professional and personal, of the children in the choir and its graduates.

One of the choir's main goals is to assimilate the unique culture of choral music into the Israeli society as a whole, and especially in the younger generations.

The Moran choir consists of four exceptional ensembles according to age groups:

The Moran Singers Ensemble

The Moran Representative Choir (Grade 7 and upwards)

The Moran Youth Choir (Grade 3 to Grade 6)

The Moran Little Ones Choir (Kindergarten age to Grade 2)

In addtion to performances, the choir carries out activities with and for special needs communities. In the framework of the Israeli Center for Vocal Music, the choir has 3 more ensembles, including two which combine Moran choir children with children and youth at risk, and another one together with special needs children.

The choir has produced 5 compact disc recordings.


Email: moranchr@bezeqint.net

Dr. Yoram Dembo – Director, Moran Choir's Society (NPO) – Telefax: 09-8988258

Naomi Faran –Conductress and Musical Director: 09-8827473

Choir site: http://www.moran-choir.co.il/