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The Tel Aviv Philharmonic Choir


The choir was formed in 1942 by a small group of women and the first conductor was Eitan (Otto) Lustig, who voluntarily conducted it for 21 years. The repertoire at first was mainly classical chamber music. Over the years the choir was enlarged and appeared with works that needed a large orchestral accompaniment, integrated with works by Israeli composers such as Mordechai Seter (Strominsky), Paul Ben-Haim, Sternberg and others.

Today Maestro Leonti Wolf is the musical director and conductor of the choir, which now consists of 73 singers, amateur musicians, all of whom enthusiastically devote themselves to its activities with no payment. The choir's symphonic repertoire includes oratorios, operas, contemporary music, and a-cappella works. The choir appears in many concerts all over Israel and contributes to the culture of choral music.

Contact: Gabi Hecht